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Campus History

A blue horse is rearing up. Stuchbery Logo

Beginning in 1964, a new community rose from the rice fields south of Houston and west of the Gulf Freeway. That community was Sagemont. In those first few years, the children in Sagemont attended school at Jessup Elementary on Almeda Genoa Road. 

Stuchbery Elementary opened its doors in the fall of 1967 to 375 students with Miles C. Bozarth as the principal. Stuchbery was named after James E. Stuchbery to honor the long-time educator and first musical director at Pasadena ISD. The school was built to accommodate the growing population of students in the area.

The first winter carnival in the district was held in February of 1968 at Stuchbery and the P.T.A. purchased playground equipment with the profits. In 1972, Stuchbery became crowded and it was necessary for fifth-grade classes to be sent to Thompson Intermediate. Shortly after this, Frazier Elementary was built to alleviate the overcrowding at Stuchbery. In 1975, Roy Birkhead became the new principal and soon, enrollment at Stuchbery Elementary reached 1,000 students.

In more recent years, in 2013, construction began on a new gym for the campus. In 2017 after Hurricane Harvey devastated the surrounding community, the elementary school hosted an event to feed area families. Stuchbery Elementary serves 625 students in grades pre-kindergarten through fourth. 

List of Principals

  • Miles Bozarth 1967-1975
  • Roy Birkhead 1975-1976
  • Dean Lynch 1976-1978
  • Roy Birkhead 1978-1986
  • Nancy Tiechelman 1986-2005
  • Jackie Salisbury 2005-2014
  • Carolyn Waller 2014-2017
  • Jose Hernandez 2017-present